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December 11, 2019 9:00 am

Jingle Bells are Right Around the Corner. Wondering what to gift this holiday season and feel like being adventurous?

Know a lady that needs some pampering or someone who needs to feel some CBD love and you want to introduce them to the benefits of CBD?

Our list of HuGG gifts will make the ideal gift for all the ladies in your life; your mum, sister, best friend or even yourself. Whether a stocking stuffer or a full-on CBD treatment package we have got something for everyone and for every budget.

Also, if you’re wondering how you’re going to make it through the family gatherings then it’s probably worth taking a bottle of CBD oil with you to sneakily drop some under the tongue in between courses (wink, wink, it works a treat). Not a joke, festive family meals are known for heated family debates and can erupt into family feuds that last the entire year… until next Christmas.

Choose from one of our two gift sets for that the perfect combo of CBD products or pick out your own favourites and add some HuGG merchandise to make it an extra special gift. You can pack it in a HUGG cotton Tote bag which will arrive with your order for FREE during the month of December. 

HuGG CBD Daily Kit

Take the spa with you with our HuGG Daily Kit! Enjoy this 1400mg oil & our all-natural rollerball infusion, ideal for pressure point application and to us is considered a handbag essential. Using 1400mg CBD oil every day (in the morning and evening) gives some added supplement support for the new year.

HuGG CBD Daily Kit

HuGG CBD Gift Kit

Gift, Gift, Gift Away! This HuGG Gift Kit Contains a Bottle of 350mg CBD Oil & a Bath Salts Blend Infused with 10mg CBD. It’s an ideal gift for people starting out on their CBD journey and for those who want to trial The HUGG quality of products. At just £32.99 it is very reasonably priced.

HuGG CBD Gift Kit

Gift a Spa Treatment

Treat yourself or someone you love this holiday to a HuGG Spa day. Threads & Co in London’s Kensington offers a wide array of HuGG CBD Spa treatments from facials to massages and manicures. It’s like a double gift, a treatment and a chance to try our HuGG products before buying.

Coffee Lovers Delight

This is the ideal gift for that coffee lover in your life. A new twist to coffee that any connoisseur will love. HuGG coffee is made with coarse ground Italian roast coffee beans infused with 490mg CBD from Natural Hemp. If one bag is not enough for a gift then make it an extra special Christmas cup of joe and add a HuGG mug to your cart. Our HuGG Mugs carry a little secret. They might just look like another coffee flask but inside is actually a French press so you can brew your coffee on the go. While the HuGG mug works perfectly with our Coffe blend, you can use it with loose tea too.

HuGG CBD Coffee & Tea

Stocking Stuffers Under £24.99

CBD Bath Salts – A Potent Combo of Dead Sea and Himalayan Bath Salts Infused with Essential Oils to Help Soak the Day Away.

CBD Cuticle oil – Lavender, Rosemary, and Clary Sage Essential Oils infused with CBD gives a skin-soothing remedy for nails, hands and feet.

CBD Oil 350mg – Use HuGG 350mg CBD oil as oral drops under the tongue to achieve maximum absorption into the bloodstream. This oil is ideal for CBD newbies. Start on a low dose and work your way up to find the perfect balance for your lifestyle.

CBD Roll Away Roller Ball – Lavender and mint essential oils create an invigorating yet calming refresher to support tension throughout the day. We call this Roller a handbag essential, carry it with you everywhere.

CBD Foot Soak – Help feet unwind after a long day or indulge in a  nourishing pedicure foot soak with essential oils and sea salts. Infused lovingly with CBD.

We could go on and on about how lovely it is to gift someone CBD but it’s probably best to head over to our products page where you can find everything you need. Give it a go, share some HuGG love and start gifting CBD the HuGG way.

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