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December 23, 2019 9:00 am

Diamonds move over we’ve got a new bestie in town.

Maybe Marilyn coined the term “diamonds are a girl’s best friend” but she clearly never tried CBD oils or skincare products.

We think it’s time for a new best friend and a lot of women in the beauty world would agree with me on that one. With everything from facial creams, body scrubs, and infused bath salts, women are lathering themselves from head to toe in this new wonder ingredient that has all the top celebrities and journalists raging about it. 

Traditionally known as a supplement that is used as sublingual oral drops, CBD has now made its way into capsules, edibles, and skincare. CBD used topically on the skin can help all manner of skin issues and it’s fast becoming beauty’s newest star ingredient. Some people use CBD to support a busy stressful lifestyle and all the issues that entail so for these people the most effective way of using CBD is still via oral drops (hold under the tongue for 60 seconds and it gets straight into the bloodstream). However, when taken orally and used topically, it’s great for the skin too. The secret is out!

Diamonds Move Over

One diamond is enough for this girl. But hello CBD! If you are looking for a great gift to buy someone special then let it please be CBD, they’ll thank you for it. With the excitement of Christmas around the corner, now’s the perfect time to get gifting (yourself also). Here are some of my favourites.

CBD Bath Salts

Nothing like coming home from a long day at work. All I can think about is sleep sleep sleep. Just counting the days till the weekend. But I found my lifesaver. All I can think about now is my bath, that relaxing scent of incense and soothing salts from the Dead Sea to the Himalayan mountains definitely takes me on a dreamy trip through the sea and atop the mountains. It is so important to find something for yourself that can give you that moment to just soak the day away and get a good night’s sleep for a new tomorrow. So diamonds, although you do look beautiful on my ears and fingers, I will opt for some more salty crystals in my bath! The HuGG bath salts are a cult favourite among HuGG customers.

HuGG CBD Bath Salts

CBD Coffee

CBD + coffee. Have I got your attention yet? I couldn’t imagine the taste of these two together but I gotta tell you…it tastes just like my usual coffee only I don’t get the jitters afterwards. It’s like drinking chill and hype at the same time but the chill over-rides the hype. HuGG is about infusing CBD into daily routines so getting to grips with a great tasting CBD infused coffee was high on the list of priorities. Most people imagine a repulsing taste of coffee mixed with something grassy tasting but we have got the composition just right. Morning cups of CBD coffee is exactly the combo of mornings I was always looking for. It sets me straight for my day. I leave the house with just the right amount of energy to go about my busy day, leaving my worries behind. For the busy mamma who doesn’t take such great care of herself, to the workaholic who starts the day running, getting your daily dose of CBD via your morning cup of coffee ensures you don’t forget to drop some oil under your tongue.

CBD Clay Mask

Ok, honestly I do feel more beautiful with diamonds glistening around my face and definitely more pretty than when I actually have this grey gooey CBD Clay mask all over my face. But when the mask comes off is when the diamonds really start to shine. I couldn’t love this mask more, it’s definitely a keeper and it’s been shortlisted for The Gloss Awards 2019 in the Best Face Prep category. Exciting!

HuGG CBD clay face mask

CBD Roll-Away Rollerball

Ever dreamed of taking your bestie with you everywhere? Well, then this one is for you. CBD goodness packed up in a little rollerball container that slips into your purse. Whenever you feel the need just pop it out and roll on your temples and wrists, you’ll feel your friends warm embrace immediately. The combination of mint and lavender invigorates and calms at the same time acting as a go-to refresher whenever you need it.

HuGG CBD Roll Away

As you can see there’s no lack of CBD products to choose from so go ahead and pick out your diamond replacement. It might not sparkle but it’s definitely a better companion and it makes a great gift idea for that special person in your life, you, friends, family… and it’s more affordable than dishing our diamonds.

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This post was written by Sara Flack

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