Terpenes are non-fatty lipid profiles found in the plants, trees, and in some insects. Terpenes are the ones that are responsible for the aroma that you feel in any herbs, fruits, or flowers. It won’t be exciting and enjoyable without terpenes. Can you imagine an aroma-less deodorant or a mocktail?

The lipid molecules in the flowers, leaves, and fruits are the reason for the mind-blowing flavors and tastes as well. However, there is more to it. Many terpenes that we can recognize in essential oils have been studied for years for their potential benefits. So next time you go in for a massage, try to imagine what terpenes you smell and where they come from.

Several cannabis terpenes can be classified depending on their isoprene counts.

Read on to learn more about various cannabis terpenes and their characteristics.

How do terpenes work?

Terpenes and cannabinoids work alongside each other to provide a synergistic effect. There are several types of cannabis terpenes.

Even essential oils contain terpenes in it and might possess medicinal properties that can impact our physical and mental health. Each of these cannabis terpenes possesses varied characteristics and effects on our ECS as well. The benefit of the whole plant extract becomes more useful when paired with terpenes.

Types of Cannabis terpenes and its characteristics:


Pinene is an aromatic compound (terpene) from cannabis, and it is also available in basil, rosemary, and pine-needles. It smells more like pine and has been studied for its potential benefits in activities such as forest bathing.


Myrcene is the most flavorful terpene that is found in mango, cannabis, hops, thyme, and lemongrass. It is known for its aromatic values in hops brews and smells like cardamom, musk, and cloves.


Limonene can be found in almost all citrus linds like lemon and orange. Also, it is abundantly available in the juniper tree and peppermint. You now know how it would smell when you try the strains that have limonene terpenes.


Linalool is the most common fragrant that manufacturers use in room fresheners and deodorants for women. It is found in lavender and birch bark in large quantities.


This terpene is one of the most familiar terpenes used in cannabis-derived products. B-caryophyllene is abundantly available in cotton, cloves, and black pepper.


Ocimene is also an excellent fragrant mostly used in deodorants and body sprays. It offers freshness and an uplifting effect and is available in parsley, mint, and orchids.


Humulene is also known as alpha caryophyllene. It offers a smell that has mixed notes of wood, earth, and subtle spices. It is available in sage, ginseng, coriander, and hops.


Terpinolene is the most versatile terpenes found in cannabis strains. It is a mix of some wonderful smells like citrus, floral, herbaceous, and pine. It is also found in cumin, lilacs, and nutmeg.

Check this space for more updates on terpenes and their properties.