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December 18, 2019 10:11 pm

            With the holiday season quickly approaching, tensions are running high. Sure, the snow looks beautiful and the Christmas lights are sparkling and you know you’re supposed to feel excited but all you’re thinking of are the presents you need to get for your sister’s kids, trying to remember that cranberry sauce recipe everyone raved about last year and trying to find the perfect dress for your work Christmas party. It is, quite frankly, exhausting.

            We’ve compiled a few tips and tricks to help you muddle through the holiday season without feeling too ragged and run down so you can focus on what counts: making memories and spending time with loved ones!

Keep Your Regular Routine

            When our routines get out of whack it’s pretty common to feel a little out of sorts. It’s difficult to focus and it’s difficult to keep up with demands that come with the holiday season. By making sure you stick to your regular habits and routines, you’re maintaining the sense of calm that comes with having a structured plan. Start your morning off with that hot cup of Coffee, try our CBD infused coffee or CBD infused tea to get you through the rest of this post. Go to that Christmas party but if you’re usually at home snuggled up with your blanket and a hot cup of cocoa by 11, then head out early. It’s not worth waking up tired and grouchy for!

Be Realistic

            Every year new Christmas movies come out and they’re always picture perfect. You’ve got the tree, the snowy midnight walks, the handsome man, the perfect present! It’s easy to get caught up in what you expect the holiday season to be and to lose sight of what it actually is. Maybe your tree is a little scruffy on one side and that scarf you knitted for Aunt Margaret is a little less lovely than you expected. It’s fine and it’s important to expect it because honestly, nobody is going to notice. The people that matter just want your company.

Practice Self Care

            You may not feel like you have the opportunity to spend valuable shopping and decorating time on yourself but it’s so important that you do. Go get that sparkly red manicure, get the blow out, soak your feet (hint, hint, we have an awesome CBD foot soak you’ve got to try!)

            You can’t pour into someone’s cup until you’ve first filled up your kettle and taking the time to focus on your own needs is essential.

Think Moderation

            You don’t need to buy big gifts, you don’t need to stuff yourself on too much roast turkey, you don’t have to go to every gathering. Focus on the items that are most important to you and do only the things that bring you joy. If you’d rather not go to work party and you think having a coffee with your family member who’s only in town around the holidays will be more fun, go for it! If you can’t think of a gift for someone, make a charitable donation in their name to a cause that you know is important to them. The holidays are for everyone, including you.

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This post was written by Sara Flack

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