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The Brand

The HuGG CBD products are the next range of cannabis-based research firm CiiTECH; a registered UK cannabis biotech company and collaborative partner with Israel’s Hebrew University of Jerusalem – the epicenter of cannabis research and development.

Using the knowledge and expertise of our CiiTECH researchers, the aim of The HuGG CBD is to discover, develop, and commercialise CBD products for all UK and EU residents.

Our collaboration efforts with leading Israeli cannabis research institutions – as well as local hemp suppliers here in the UK and EU – has allowed us to deliver market products based on an unparalleled level of quality and expertise. When it comes to your health, you need to choose a CBD oil you can trust — in terms of quality, safety, and purity, The huGG is unmatched.

In a period where the fast-emerging CBD industry has been difficult to comprehend – not to mention overwhelmed with low-quality ‘snake oils’ – it is important for customers to feel comfortable and confident with the CBD products they choose. 

When you buy The HuGG CBD, you are truly buying the finest-quality, top-grade hemp extract on the market.


Why Shop


The product development team at The HuGG collaborates and consults with leading researchers scientists to identify unique CBD formulas, innovative delivery systems, and advanced extraction techniques designed to create premium and leading products for every part of U with mind body and soul in mind.


One mission of The HuGG CBD is the dedication of a significant proportion of funds into revealing the true benefits of CBD, this includes partnerships with research institutions and sponsorship of relevant charities. The Hugg Co is proud to be part of a larger BioTech community and through CiiTECH maintains strong ties to some of the brightest minds in Global Cannabis research. 


Each and every HuGG CBD supplement is grown, manufactured, and produced under strict EU agricultural and food processing guidelines and complies with the quality standards set forth by the UK Cannabis Trades Association.



HUGG CBD Products